Jay Owen

Founder & CEO
Design Extensions

Jay Owen Headshot

Jay Owen has always loved technology. From a young age, his hands were often found glued to a keyboard. He ventured into the design and internet world around age 12 when his parents bought their first family computer — a Macintosh Performa 575. He started designing and learning about this great new thing that was coming, “the World Wide Web.” After working at a technology firm in Jacksonville from the age of 15-17, he started Design Extensions in June of 1999 with a friend. Since that time, Design Extensions has taken on a life of its own, pulling in clients from dozens of industries all across the United States. Initially, he managed all aspects of Design Extensions. His current duties include design review, project management, marketing and making customers smile. When not working on the business, he can usually be found spending time with his wife, Claire, and their five children Hayden, Oliver, Lincoln, Eden and Eva.