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Nonprofit Executive Program: Tallahassee

Let us help your organization think more strategically and efficiently!

The Tallahassee Nonprofit Executive Program is designed for CEOs and executive directors, along with their board of directors and staff members, to work together "on" their organizations. Through a private training session, participants learn how to implement the Lean Organization Model within the nonprofit. The program is offered at no cost to the organization. In order to qualify, nonprofit organizations must have been operating for at least three years.

“The Jim Moran Institute provided a great asset to our organization. Prior to facilitating a dynamic board strategy session, Mike Campbell sat down with me, as the Executive Director, and with the Board Chair to get a solid understanding of our organization. He tailored his discussion to fit the needs of our board and mission, and helped us assess and organize our priorities. This is the first step in driving more value to our customers and better understanding what that value is and how we can provide it. I would encourage this deep assessment for anyone with a board. Our members left with an enhanced understanding of our statue, bi-laws, and priorities, and we worked together to create strategies for success moving forward thanks to the tools the Jim Moran Institute provided."
Elizabeth Emmanuel
Tallahassee Downtown Improvement Authority

What You Can Expect

Presented during a two to three hour session, the director of North Florida Operations trains the participating team on the Lean Organization Model, which identifies current challenges in the organization, along with the customers and donors who are the best fit for the nonprofit. This proven exercise has helped numerous nonprofits create a unified strategy for the leadership team and has provided an efficient model for staff to use in the workplace.

What the Lean Organization Model Covers

The model works through the value proposition of the organization while also identifying the beneficiary of services and potential donors. Learning how to identify donors whose passions align with the organization's mission is key to successful fundraising. The session also covers topics such as marketing, key resources, key partners, expenses and revenues.


Click the button below to apply for the program. Once the application is approved, a Jim Moran institute staff member will contact the organization to schedule the session.



For more information, contact:
Mike Campbell, Director of North Florida Operations
Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship
Florida State University College of Business

Jim Moran Building
111 South Monroe Street Suite 3000, Tallahassee, FL  32301-1545
Phone: 850-644-4414
Cell: 850-545-7354 
Fax: 850-644-5950

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