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Our Small Business Executive Program will have you emerge a stronger leader, implement best-practice management, and turn challenges into a strategic advantage. 



The Nonprofit Executive Program is designed to assess your organization's position, develop long-term strategies, and create a practical action plan that will help your organization move forward.



Exclusive to presidents and owners of established businesses, our CEO Peer2Peer Groups provide an avenue for sharing insights about challenging situations and solutions to problems with peers.


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    News & BLOG POSTS

    Your purpose, mission and vision statements are key components for the foundation of your business. To write these, you should first take stock of your company's values and goals. You can use your values and goals to help you craft statements that show your customers what your company stands for and why they should do business with you instead of someone else.

    Meet Calibe Thompson and David Muir, graduates of the Small Business Executive Program (SBEP) and co-founders of media and branding agency Island Syndicate. Calibe and David share how their company has grown since participating in the South Florida SBEP and encourage others to participate in the program. 

    The way you lead your team can have a tremendous impact on how your team operates and the quality of work produced. Not all managers lead the same way and it's important to learn how your team prefers to be led. Here are four leadership styles and how each can work best for your team.