CEO Peer2Peer Groups: Tallahassee

A CEO Peer2Peer Group provides a structured and confidential environment for executives to share best practices and resolve their business challenges. By participating in a CEO Peer2Peer Group, you can expect to make better decisions, improve communication skills, build long-term relationships and help each other grow his or her business. The Jim Moran Institute provides this opportunity at no cost.


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What's the required commitment? 

The strength of a CEO Peer2Peer Group is contingent upon membership participation. As you share business challenges and experiences, your group will build unique relationships. To ensure the group's success, each participant must make a commitment to each other to:

  • Attend and follow guidelines for the group.
  • Attend meetings regularly.
  • Maintain complete confidentiality.
  • Remain in a non-compete status with no competitors or vendor/client relationships in the group.
  • Forbid sales presentations because although business relationships may develop over time, a CEO Peer2Peer Group is not to be used as a sales platform.
  • Work toward professional improvement individually.
  • Have a desire to improve the group as a whole.

How will I benefit?

Benefits gained from the CEO Peer2Peer Group experience are largely a result of the effort and commitment made by each member to be an active group participant. You can expect to:

  • Make better decisions. Learning from other group members' experiences, executives are able to make well-informed decisions.
  • Improve communication skills. As a result of participating in a structured discussion group, members learn to listen better and organize their ideas more persuasively.
  • Gain a safe outlet for confidential issues. All information shared at CEO Peer2Peer Group meetings is confidential, which gives participants an opportunity to share difficult and sensitive issues affecting their businesses.

For more information, contact:

Marina Lickson, Director, Northwest Florida
Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship
111 South Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone: 850-644-4414

“Every business owner or manager that has been through the Jim Moran Institute's programs should be involved in a monthly Peer2Peer Group. Thinking no other business has the same issues that I do is a good definition of insanity. You need to invest 1.5 hours per month to work on your business and gain invaluable insight from other professionals."
Eddie Chalmers