EBV-A Graduate Spotlight: Haotian Bai

Peyton Greene


Veteran business owner, Haotian Bai, leveraged the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans – Accelerate (EBV-A) program to propel his business to scalable success. 

After witnessing firsthand the infertility challenges that military families face, Bai made it his mission to provide guidance and support for his fellow veterans. This motivated him to start his own business, Patriot Conceptions, and seek out opportunities to expand.  

The EBV-A program, presented by the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship at Florida State University in partnership with the D’Aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) at Syracuse University, gives veterans with a successful business the tools and coaching to propel their business to the next phase: sustainable growth.  Program participants learn a variety of topics from experienced professionals including acquiring growth funding, rebranding for expansion, determining a sustainable growth rate, establishing partnerships, managing cash flow, and much more. 

As a recent graduate of the 2023 EBV-Accelerate program, Haotian Bai, found the program to be a transformative experience for his business. Patriot Conceptions partners with top in-vitro fertilization clinics and professionals to offer comprehensive care in their specialized field. Their mission is to support families in their journey to parenthood with empathy and meticulous care. 

Due to the complexities of growing a business in such a sensitive field, Bai was drawn to the EBV-Accelerate program as an opportunity to further develop and scale his company. The three-phase program offers experiential training in entrepreneurship and management, tailored specifically for military veterans. Bai notes how the workshops on growth strategy, human resource management and cash flow management were instrumental in shaping the future trajectory of Patriot Conceptions. 

"The EBV-Accelerate program profoundly influenced my entrepreneurial journey,” said Bai. “The robust training, resources, and networking I accessed empowered me to address the unique challenges of my business effectively. Engaging with fellow veterans and seasoned entrepreneurs, I gained a deeper understanding of strategic development, which has been pivotal in the growth and success of Patriot Conceptions." 

The 2024 Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans-Accelerate program is tentatively scheduled for October 2024 in Tallahassee. Visit the D’Aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) website to learn more and apply for the program.  

To learn more about Patriot Conceptions, visit their website.