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Business Tips: How to Write a Pitch Deck

By Lauren Sparling

Writing a pitch deck is a critical skill that all business owners should learn. As you're growing your business, you will need to figure out how you plan to secure funding from investors to keep your company on track with its goals.

The main purpose behind your pitch deck is to raise money for your business. You’ll need to describe your business to investors and show them what makes you different and why you deserve their funding.

While you can add many different slides to your pitch deck, these are the 10 that you should always include.


  1. Title Page

The title page is the first impression of your business to your potential investors. Include the company title, logo, and a tagline that explains your business.

The color scheme and fonts of your whole presentation are just as important as what you write. It sets the mood for your company and subsequent presentation. The fonts should be easy to read, and everything should be consistent throughout. Changing the scheme for every slide is confusing to the viewer and doesn't help establish an identity for your business.

Source: Airbnb, Launch Rock


  1. Problem Slide

Before introducing how your business works, you'll want to explain the problem that your business solves or the market gap it fills.

For example, Dropbox started its problem slide by describing how difficult it is to share files from different computers and collaborate on files as a team. They presented a common problem that many people could relate to, before going on to show how their business can solve it.