Business Tips: How to Improve Your Company’s LinkedIn Profile

Peyton Greene


LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most active professional networking platform with over 55 million companies vying for the attention of more than 720 million users. It is regarded as the most trusted social media platform which gives your business a unique opportunity to establish your brand as an industry thought leader and it can be a powerful tool for brand building and lead generation in digital marketing. Here are four tips to guide you in creating the best company page possible to optimize your reach, drive sales, increase your network and recruit talented employees. 


1. Use High-quality profile and cover photos 

One of the easiest ways to draw new leads to your LinkedIn company page is to make it look visually pleasing. The profile image is the first thing people searching for your company on LinkedIn will see, so it’s important to make a good impression. According to LinkedIn Business, company pages with profile pictures get 6x more visitors than those without. Cover photos can showcase your brand, your professional appearance and provide an opportunity to highlight your company in a creative way. A LinkedIn profile image can be simple and straightforward, for example, use your company logo and resize it to fit the platform’s requirements.

The profile banner above the company logo offers room for creativity where you can bring your brand to life and showcase a photo that represents your company. It can be an image of your product/service, your mission statement, an image that represents your company culture or any image you want to highlight your brand. Don’t underestimate the importance of having high-quality photos on your company page. 


2. Write an appealing “About Us” section that includes relevant keywords 

Your selected profile and cover photos will hook a prospect looking at your company page, but it takes words to reel them in. The “About” section on your company page should be a well-optimized, solidly worded paragraph (2,000 characters or less) that informs visitors to your page everything they need to know about your company. Use simple, sensible language to outline your business in words that anyone can understand. This section is considered one of the most important elements of your LinkedIn company page as it gives you the opportunity to talk about your brand in more detail and help people see the value in your company. You can discuss your company's origin story, products/services and corporate values and culture. Some questions you should think about answering include: 

  • Who are you? 
  • Where are you based? 
  • What do you offer? 
  • What are your values? 
  • How can people contact you to learn more?

 There’s no perfect way to compose your “About Us” section, but it should represent your overall brand voice and vision. You can optimize this section to increase your reach on LinkedIn by including relevant keywords. These keywords will help LinkedIn recognize what your company does, so you can appear higher up in search results and boost your visibility.


3. Post to your company page regularly with interesting and valuable content 

Regularly posting to your company’s LinkedIn page with fresh content is extremely important when trying to grow your company and build a network. In fact, LinkedIn reports that companies who post weekly see a 2x increase in engagement. LinkedIn offers a variety of post options including images, videos, articles and documents to provide you with a wealth of ways to inform and entertain your audience. According to LinkedIn data, images result in a 2x increase in engagement while video content gets 5x more engagement than static content.

In addition to posting regularly, one of the most effective ways to build an engaging community on LinkedIn is by posting valuable content like company milestones or success stories. Consider what your LinkedIn goals are for your company and adjust your content strategy accordingly. If you want to recruit employees, consider sharing details about your company’s perks and benefits, or create posts that spotlight your own employees to boost company culture and attract potential job applicants. LinkedIn Analytics can help refine your content strategy by tracing the effectiveness of your LinkedIn posts. This enables you to learn more about your audiences’ demographics which will provide you with crucial information regarding the type of content your audience prefers. Those insights can guide you in your LinkedIn marketing strategy.


4. Expand your network & grow your audience 

A great and effective way to expand your network and audience on LinkedIn is by utilizing your own employees. Start by asking your employees to update their own personal LinkedIn profiles to include their current job descriptions at your company. Once they update their profiles, it will then link to your company page. This is a great benefit to your company as it allows your employees’ connections on LinkedIn to find and follow you. 

In addition, your employees would now be added as an employee on your company page which will help establish your company’s credibility on the platform. Furthermore, to help grow your network ask your employees to like, comment, or share the company’s posts. This will help you gain visibility on people’s feeds and further develop credibility for your company. Another tip is to collaborate with other brands and companies that share your target audience to tap into their existing networks. 


Now that you have some tools to help you create and optimize your company’s LinkedIn page, you can increase brand awareness, attract a talented pool of job candidates, and grow your network and business. A company LinkedIn page isn’t a choice, it's a must for your business to be successful. LinkedIn provides an opportunity to tap into an entirely different type of social media platform. Now get creative and craft your LinkedIn company page!