Business Tips: 4 ways to Improve Employee Retention

Lauren Sparling



Retaining employees has become increasingly difficult as more are quitting their jobs for new opportunities and benefits. To keep your employees happy, you need to show that you appreciate them and give them opportunities to advance their careers. Here are 4 ways to retain your best employees: 


  1. Offer advancement opportunities 

When hiring employees, you search for applicants who are ambitious and want to grow with your company. You can promote this behavior at work by offering your employees training and professional development opportunities. This can be in the form of in-person classes, online courses, or continuing education programs. Providing these experiences is an investment in your company and keeps your employees engaged at work. Employees are also more likely to stay at a job where they feel like they can advance their careers and improve their skills.  


  1. Recognize employee performance 

Recognizing employee performance ensures that your employees feel valued and compensated for their hard work. You need to offer more than just a tempting salary to keep your employees. There are many direct and indirect ways to incentivize your employees, including paid time off and overtime pay. Incentive plans to motivate your employees to reach work milestones are another great way to recognize and reward high performance. Employees who feel appreciated and know there are rewards for their hard work are more likely to stay with the company and continue working hard. 


  1. Offer flexible scheduling  

Flexible scheduling has become a more significant benefit for companies to offer since the COVID-19 pandemic and is a huge factor that employees look for when starting and staying with companies. Whether it's offering fully remote positions, hybrid positions, or the ability to work from home on specific days, people appreciate the opportunity to make the choice that works best for them. 

 By allowing your employees to work without having to be in the office every day, you also open your applicant range to a broader audience.  If you plan on offering scheduling flexibility, it's important to ensure remote employees have the same expectations and access as in-person employees. Employees working for your company remotely should feel the same benefits and involvement as employees in person every day.  


  1. Encourage feedback 

Feedback is an essential part of ensuring your employees feel like they're contributing to, and aligning with, company goals. Encouraging transparency between management and various departments creates an open-door workplace where people feel like their voices are heard and that they're a part of a team. Hearing from your employees and making sure that they're feeling fulfilled with their work can help improve workplace satisfaction and assure employee retention. 

Although modifying your recruitment strategies to increase employee retention can seem like a daunting task, the payoff is worth it and is a great way to invest in your company.