Jim Moran Professors

The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship professors allow us to provide leading-edge research to small business owners and nonprofit leaders in order to facilitate better business practices. They are scholarly individuals with backgrounds in entrepreneurship or business education and facilitate courses in the Florida State University College of Business.

Martin Mende, Ph.D.

Martin Mende Headshot

Jim Moran Professor of Business Administration

Martin Mende (PhD, Arizona State University) is a Professor of Marketing at Florida State University. His research focuses on relationship marketing, transformative service research, and consumer-based strategy. His work is published in leading scholarly journals, including the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Marketing Letters, and Journal of Business Research. Prior to attending Arizona State University, Martin earned a Doctoral Degree (summa cum laude) in Services Management from Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany.

Martin serves as an Area Editor for the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and Associate Editor for the Journal of Service Research. He has served as a guest editor for a special section of the Journal of Retailing on Organizational Frontlines Research. He also serves on the Editorial Review Boards for the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, the Journal of Retailing, and the Journal of Business Research. Martin is a Board Member (Program Officer) for the AMA Services Special Interest Group (SERVSIG) and a Research Faculty for ASU’s Center for Services Leadership. He also serves on the ACR Transformative Consumer Research Advisory Board. Martin has co-chaired international conferences, including the Organizational Frontlines Conference and the 2019 Transformative Consumer Research Conference.

Martin’s research has been recognized with numerous international awards. Martin was recognized as the 2017 AMA Marketing and Society Special Interest Group (MASSIG) Emerging Scholar, as well as the 2017 AMA SERVSIG Emerging Scholar. His research has won first place in the Fisher IMS & AMA Services SIG Dissertation Proposal Competition, and a ‘Best Paper Award’ from the Journal of Service Research. In addition, his research has won multiple Marketing Science Institute Grants and ACR Transformative Consumer Research Grants.

Martin has taught undergraduate Marketing Strategy, Services Marketing, Retailing, as well as Marketing Management. He also teaches a doctoral seminar in consumer behavior theory, and serves as the co-director of the FSU Ph.D. program in marketing. At FSU, Martin has won college-wide and university-wide teaching awards.

Selected Public Research

  • Grewal, Dhruv, Mirja Kroschke, Martin Mende, Anne L. Roggeveen, and Maura L. Scott (2020), “Frontline Cyborgs at Your Service: How Human Enhancement Technologies Affect Customer Experiences in Retail, Sales, and Service Settings,” Journal of Interactive Marketing, 51, August, 9-25. 
  • Mende, Martin, Maura L. Scott, Jenny van Doorn, Dhruv Grewal, and Ilana Shanks (2019), “Service Robots Rising: How Humanoid Robots Influence Service Experiences and Elicit Compensatory Consumer Responses,” Journal of Marketing Research, 56(4), 535-556, (FT 50) (lead article). 
  • Mende, Martin, Maura L. Scott, Aaron M. Garvey, and Lisa E. Bolton, (2019) “The Marketing of Love: How Attachment Styles Affect Romantic Consumption,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 47(2), 255-273.
  • Mende, Martin, Linda Salisbury, Gergana Nenkov, and Maura L. Scott (2020), “Improving Financial Inclusion through Communal Financial Orientation: How Financial Service Providers Can Better Engage Consumers in Banking Deserts,”  Journal of Consumer Psychology, 30 (2), 379-391 (FT 50).
  • Mende, Martin, Maura L. Scott, and Lisa E. Bolton, (2018) “All That Glitters is Not Gold: When and Why Service Providers’ Conspicuous Consumption Triggers Reward or Penalty Effects,” Journal of Service Research, 21 (4), 405-420.
  • Hüttel, Björn, Jan H. Schumann, Martin Mende, Maura L. Scott, and Christian Wagner, (2018) “How Consumers Assess Free E-Services: The Role of Benefit-Inflation and Cost-Deflation Effects,” Journal of Service Research, 21 (3), 267–83. (lead article)
  • van Doorn, Jenny, Martin Mende, Stephanie Noble, John Hulland, Dhruv Grewal, Amy Ostrom, and Andrew Petersen (2017), “Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto: How Technology Could Change the Service Customer Experience of the Future – A Research Vision and Agenda,” Journal of Service Research, 20(1), 43-58. (2017 Best Article Award Winner)
  • Mende, Martin, Maura L. Scott, Mary Jo Bitner, and Amy L. Ostrom (2016), “Activating Customers as Coproducers for Better Outcomes: The Interplay of Firm-Assigned Workload, Service Literacy, Eustress, and Organizational Support,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. 
  • Mende, Martin and Jenny van Doorn, (2015), “Coproduction of Transformative Services as a Pathway to Improved Consumer Well-Being: Findings from a Longitudinal Study on Financial Counseling,” Journal of Service Research.
  • Mende, Martin, Scott Thompson, and Christian Coenen (2015), “It’s All Relative: How Customer-Perceived Competitive Advantage Influences Referral Intentions,” Marketing Letters.
  • Mende, Martin, Maura L. Scott, Katherine N. Lemon, and Scott Thompson, (2015) “Consumer Judgments of Firm Integrity in Light of Firm-Initiated Relationship Ending,” in, Strong Brands, Strong Relationships, eds. Susan Fournier, Michael Breazeale, and Jill Avery, Routledge.
  • Scott, Maura L., Martin Mende, and Lisa E. Bolton (2013), "Are Consumers Judging the Book by Its Cover? How Consumers Decode Conspicuous Consumption Cues in Buyer-Seller Relationships," Journal of Marketing Research,50(3), 334-347.
  • Mende, Martin, Ruth N. Bolton, and Mary Jo Bitner (2013), "Decoding Customer-Firm Relationships: How Attachment Styles Help Explain Customers' Preferences for Closeness, Repurchase Intentions, and Changes in Relationship Breadth," Journal of Marketing Research, 50(1), 125-142.
  • Anderson, Laurel, Amy L. Ostrom, Canan Corus, Raymond P. Fisk, Andrew S. Gallan, Mario Giraldo, Martin Mende, Mark Mulder, Steven W. Rayburn, Mark S. Rosenbaum, Kunio Shirahada, and Jerome D. Williams (2013), "Transformative Service Research: An Agenda for the Future," Journal of Business Research, 66(8), 1203-1210.
  • Mende, Martin and Ruth N. Bolton (2011), "Why Attachment Security Matters: How Customers' Attachment Styles Influence Their Relationships with Service Firms and Service Employees," Journal of Service Research, 14(3), 285-301.

Guangzhi Shang, Ph.D.

Guangzhi Shang Headshot

Jim Moran Associate Professor of Business Administration

Guangzhi Shang’s current research has two primary themes: consumer returns management and service labor issues. He investigates consumer returns management from a variety of angles, including how a retailer should set its optimal return policy, how an OEM or a retailer could better forecast the quantity of returns and how a retailer could assess the value of its return policy. For the service labor issues, he focuses on the context of live-chat contact centers. Research questions include the impact of customer’s waiting experience on the progress of a chat session, agent’s ability to learn from their past experiences and the customer-agent matching problem.

Apart from these two themes, his on-going research also covers the cutting edge topics including the blockchain technology such as Bitcoin, the crowdsourcing platforms such as Kickstarter, new revenue management technologies such as the standby upgrade and sports analytics such as using options to ration the short-in-supply college football playoff game tickets.

Guangzhi’s research has been published in leading academic journals such as Production and Operations Management, Journal of Operations Management and Decision Sciences. His research has been a finalist in the best service operations papers published during 2017 and 2018 in Production and Operations Management, the 2018 Jack Meredith Best Paper Award of Journal of Operations Management and the 2020 Production and Operations Management Society Operational Excellence Best Paper Award.

He is a department editor for the Journal of Operations Management (Empirical Research Methods Department) and Decision Sciences (Retail Operations Department). His review contribution to the academic community is recognized by the 2018 best reviewer award of Journal of Operations Management, the nomination of the 2017 best reviewer award of Production and Operations Management and the 2019 outstanding reviewer award of Decision Sciences.

Guangzhi enjoys doing practice-driven research. He is a frequent invited speaker at leading industry conferences such as the annual Consumer Returns Conference. He also co-produces a column in the Reverse Logistics Magazine named “View from Academia,” aimed at disseminating fresh-off-the-press academic knowledge among industry professionals dealing with consumer returns.

Selected Public Research

  • Ilk, N., Shang, G., Fan, S., and Zhao, L. J. (2020) Stability of Transaction Fees in Bitcoin: A Supply and Demand Perspective. MIS Quarterly, forthcoming.
  • Ilk, N., Shang, G., and Goes, P. (2020) Improving Customer Routing in Contact Centers: An Automated Triage Design based on Text Analytics. Journal of Operations Management, 66(5).
  • Shang, G., McKie, E.C., Ferguson, M.E., and Galbreth M.R. (2020) Using Transactions Data to Improve Consumer Returns Forecasting. Journal of Operations Management, 66(3).
  • Shang, G., Ferguson, M.E., and Galbreth, M.R. (2018) Where Should I Focus My Return Reduction Efforts? Data-Driven Guidance for Retailers. Decision Sciences, Forthcoming.
  • Lu, G. and Shang, G. (2017) Impact of Supply Base Structural Complexity on Financial Performance: Roles of Visible and Not-So-Visible Characteristics. Journal of Operations Management, 53-56.
  • Shang, G., Pekgun, P., Ferguson, M.E., and Galbreth M.R. (2017) How Much Do Online Consumers Really Value Free Returns? Journal of Operations Management, 53-56.
  • Shang, G., Ghosh, B.P., and Galbreth, M.R. (2017) Optimal Retail Return Policies with Consumer Opportunism. Production and Operations Management, 26(7).
  • Malhotra, M.K., Ahire, S.L., and Shang, G. (2017) Mitigating the Impact of Functional Dominance in Cross-Functional Process Improvement Teams. Decision Sciences, 48(1).
  • Saladin, B.A., Shang, G., Fry, T.D., and Donohue, J.M. (2015) Research Constituents and Authorship Patterns in the Production and Operations Management Journal. Production and Operations Management, 24(4).
  • Malhotra, M.K., Singhal, C., Shang, G., and Ployhart, R.E. (2014) A Critical Evaluation of Alternative Methods and Paradigms for Conducting Mediation Analysis in Operations Management Research. Journal of Operations Management, 32(4).
  • Ghosh, B.P., Galbreth, M.R., and Shang, G. (2013) The Competitive Impact of Targeted Television Advertisements Using DVR Technology. Decision Sciences, 44(5).