Advisory Board

The Jim Moran Institute's Advisory Board consists of entrepreneurial experts and business leaders from throughout the Southeastern United States. The Advisory Board works diligently to ensure the organization's resources are being used adequately and effectively in order to advance the Jim Moran Institute's mission of cultivating, training and inspiring entrepreneurial leaders. The Jim Moran Institute's staff and advisory board collaborate to produce world-class entrepreneurial education opportunities. The board members also provide strategic oversight for the Jim Moran Institute, ensuring the organization's programs operate in a sound, ethical and innovative manner.

The Advisory Board meets with staff once a year to review milestones and set goals for the Jim Moran Institute moving forward. An organizational update is provided by the Managing Director of the organization, while Regional Directors provide updates on programming in their local markets.

Tom Blanton Headshot
Tom Blanton
Assistant Treasurer & Founding Director
The Jim Moran Foundation


Randy Blass Headshot
Randy Blass, Ph.D. 
Senior Lecturer
Florida State University College of Business


Michael Hartline Headshot
Michael Hartline, Ph.D.
Dean and Charles A. Bruning Professor of Business Administration
Florida State University College of Business


Danny Persaud Headshot
Danny Persaud
Chief Executive Officer & President
Mid Florida Armored & ATM Services, Inc.


Steve Roden Headshot
Steve Roden
Chief Executive Officer
Guy Harvey Enterprises


Melvin Stith Headshot
Melvin Stith, Ph.D.
Founding Director
The Jim Moran Foundation


Brian Williams Headshot
Brian Williams
Chief Executive Officer
Crown Asset Management, LLC